University Information Centre (UIC) is an established Centre of University of Delhi which is responsible to disseminate
information electronically through telephones and E-mails. The main objective of UIC is to deliver effective and correct
information services to the students and stakeholders of University of Delhi. The Centre is dedicated to tackle all kinds
of information to be disseminated in time frame manner. University of Delhi has appointed Information Executives ex-
clusively for University Information Centre (UIC).
The Information Executives at UIC with dedicated phone lines, e-mail and internet services to disseminate student rela
-ted information on all working days of University of Delhi. The Centre facilitates variety of information for the students
pursuing their course in University of Delhi. The information broadly covers areas such as Admission, Examinations,
Choice of Courses, Colleges and other student support systems related to their academic pursuits. The Centre also facili
-tates information regarding cultural programmes, Seminars, Workshops, Lecture- Series, Conferences, etc.